People around the world work hard to foster peaceful relationships and communities. Some work focuss on the arts, education, equal access to services or the respect for human rights, while others focus on business opportunities, peacekeeping, fostering dialogue or the press. Whatever they do, they want to bring peace to the world.


Whether you work through informal coalitions or formal organisations, you may not always have access to the resources and information you need. To set you up for success, Peacebuilders.today builds the capacity of individuals, grassroot organisations, NGOs, INGO's and institutions around the world by publishing articles, sharing resources, putting peacebuilders or projects in the limelight and offering capacity building workshops and classes tailored to the peacebuilders of today.



Our website and workshops exist thanks to the help and effort of our contributors, friends, mentors, and the work of peacebuilders around the world.


The daily management of the website and development of most workshops is done by Laetitia Van der Vennet.  

Hello and welcome to Peacebuilders.Today!  


I am Laetitia Van der Vennet, Belgian by birth and Curious George by nature. Head’s up: my friends tell me I’ve got an absurd sense of humour


Throughout my life, I always wondered why people do the things they do, which led me to study psychology, anthropology, international development, conflict, and peace. I’m a trained negotiator and mediator who – you’ve guessed right – loves learning and developing skills. I'm a big fan of multidisciplinarity and am always looking towards other fields to inform what I do. 


If you’d like to know more about my professional life (7+ years in human rights advocacy, campaigning, programme management, and capacity development), I suggest you check my Linked-In page. (Go ahead and lurk. You’ll find out I’m a Rotary Peace Fellow.)


What you won’t find out is that I feel happiest when I’m underway, eating dumplings, and setting people up for success. That is why I started Peacebuilders.today: to have everyone be the best they can be.


If you would like to contribute to the website, raise a flag or simply get in touch: send me a message and we can have virtual coffee.


 - Laetitia 

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